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7 Wild & Merry Facts About Holiday Season Sex

Posted by Adult Sex Toys ( Aust ) on

This the season to kiss under the mistletoe and be "filled with holiday spirit," which, let's be honest, sounds kinda dirty. But ever wonder why sex seems to be in the air around the winter holidays?

See, this time of year -- when you're not wrapping presents, unwrapping candy canes, trimming a turkey, helping old Aunt Gladys to the bathroom, and bursting into tears at your checking account balance -- is a mega-jackpot for your sex life. (And no, neither of you has to rent a Santa costume.)

Not only is there scientific proof of this -- and we're not talking the same kind of proof you slip into your eggnog -- but there are also some interesting reasons for it, too.

Keep reading to learn all the ways the winter holidays bring you and yours A LOT closer together.

1. You're simply MORE likely to have sex this time of year. (And as a result, September 16 is the most popular day for babies to be born.) Theories as to why range from people getting time off work to getting their party on.

2. The colour red is a serious turn-on. Men find women who wear this Christmasy colour more attractive than women wearing any other hue. It's because we're more likely to choose clothing this colour when we're fertile. Plus, men are instinctively aroused by this colour because our bodies naturally turn a pinkish colour when we're sexually aroused.

3. Your emotional bond with your man may get a boost over the holiday. Family and financial stressors aside, holiday traditions -- from decorating your house to singing carols -- heighten our emotions. And that makes us more likely to connect with our partners ... which leads to more intense sex.

4. You're more likely to play with toys in wintertime. And no, not the Nintendo DS in the living room. We're taking straight-up sex toys. According to a national survey from sex toy specialists Adam and, 47 percent of us are more likely to use them now than any other time of year.

5. Christmas parties are THE place to hook up. A British sex toy company surveyed 2,000 people and found that 39 percent had done the deed at an office soiree. The horniest sector? People who work in IT. Law offices came in a close second.

6. The more you travel, the more sex you have. A 2013 study commissioned by the US Travel Association found that couples who travel together at least once a year have highly satisfying sex lives. Do you need a better reason to head to the beach for Christmas?

7. Men have no prob getting it on at their in-laws'. Or, well, at least 49 percent are totally fine "going to bed early" at a friend's or relative's house, sayeth a Yahoo! Travel survey. We women are a little more, "Uh, you sure this is okay?" Only 29 percent of us can stop worrying and just enjoy a little fa-la-la.

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