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20 Crazy Hot Sex Facts

Posted by Adult Sex Toys ( Aust ) on

1: Breasts can swell up to 25 %  when you’re aroused, making them super-sensitive.

2. An  average guy can ejaculate at 45km/h. Must be why they are so quick at times lol !!!!!!!!

3. Stimulating the nipples activates the same part of the brain as clitoral, vaginal and cervical stimulation – so                 engaging all of them at once makes it a lot more fun.

4. According to a recent poll, footballers and swimmers are the athletes most likely to get women all hot and     


5. Apparently, Australian women fake more than just their hair colour: 62 % have faked an orgasm.

6. The most sensitive part of the breast is the top, the bottom of the breast is least sensitive.

7. Research shows that men who have sex within a relationship report greater pleasure than guys who have casual    sex with no strings-attached sex

8. Just 43% of Australians want sex three to six times a week.

9. Sex three to five times a week can prevent erectile dysfunction, as it keeps his package in shape. So ladies help your man out lol !!!!!!!

10. Semen can keep your smile looking gorgeous. It contains zinc and calcium that fight tooth decay. The guys are  trying to save the ladies a trip to the dentist !!!!!!!!!!!!!

11. Semen isn’t low carb – it’s mostly made of sugar, however it keep your smile looking good remember !!!!!!!!! 

12. If you sprinkle a bit of salt on your tongue before oral may help lessen your gag reflex.

13. Eating celery while with your man? You may want to jump him,the veg releases odours that make you horny.  Mother was right eat all your Veggies !!!!!!!!!

14 You ca buy some time when he is close to climaxing, by squeezing the head of his penis.

15. When you kiss someone, you exchange hormonal and health info. It’s nature’s way of allowing you to assess if  you click sexually.

16. Your climax will be more intense if you raise your hips slightly and squeeze your PC muscles before peaking.

17. You’re most likely to get distracted during sex at the two- to three-minute mark.

18. Avoid girl-on-top, If he finds it hard to stay hard as his penis will be fighting gravity. 

19. Women fantasies are more about romantic settings (such as islands), whereas men focus more on body parts.

20. Don’t feel bad about that drunken night you had sex with that guy you don’t remember – 73% of women admit  having at least one one-night stand. So CHEERS boys!!!!!!!